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Hello! I'm your artist, Natalia Vasilenko. On this page, the picture below is my Hermitage Foundation Museum 1st Place Creativity Award in mixed technique, digital and hand painting called "Red Carpet Torso".Red Carpet Torso

I am an American Artist, living and creating in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I love to paint by hand, mostly Watercolors, I love to paint on my computer, Digital Hand Painting, I am very skilled in different software and I like to do Graphics, Logos and Web Design. Also I like knitting and sewing, all kind of Crafts and Design. I sold many of my creations and art and they are in different private collections all around the world.

Please, feel free to visit my web site, to buy my Art and Crafts, Gifts or just to get freebies. My Shop and My Gifts store have different shop carts, so, please buy in one or the other one apart.

My Gallery is mostly for recreation where I put pictures of anything, could be my own or just crafts, arts or graphics from the internet I like. If you see your own photo, let me know if you like it here or you want it deleted and if you are the owner, email me your web address and I'll be happy to add your link to the description in my Gallery.

My Blog is for anything, I like to write sometimes, maybe some tutorial, maybe some thoughts or jokes, maybe some story, please visit and enjoy your stay.