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70s, Happy, Sunny Girl! 

This is the self portrait, which I painted by hand digitally, just looking at my old photo where I am 22 years old, moving the mouse by hand as it was the brush It came out nice and I called it "70s, Happy, Sunny Girl!".                                                                  You can buy the Giclee print signed by me in my Shop.

I was born and raised in Lithuania and from very early childhood I had passion for reading and painting. After getting my Master degree in Spanish and French, worked as an ingeneer in Machinery and Industrial Tools field. In my 20s I immigrated to Peru, where I got MBA, learned Computer science, Graphic Design, Import-Exports and became a successful business woman. After living in Peru for more than 20 years, I decided to come to US and finally to do, what I love the most, Art!

And here I am. America is my home, the country I love the most and finally I feel I found my place in the world, I belong here and I feel very creative here. Thank you for visiting my web site, enjoy my art. Thank you for your support buying my art.